• Stump Grinding

    • To keep your property in tip top condition, you’ll need to carry out a number of maintenance tasks from time to time. When a tree is cut down, it is critical that you remove the stumps left behind.

    • Why is it Important?

      Stumps are hardly a pleasant site on your property. Additionally, multiple shoots will grow at the base of the stump with time. To retain the aesthetic beauty of your property, it is necessary to have it removed.

      When left on the yard, stumps will rot with time. However, this will take a considerable period of time to happen. Meanwhile, it will attract pests such as moths, ants and termites. These insects can cause a lot of damage to the yard and your property.

      Safety is also another issue you’ll need to consider. Stumps pose a tripping hazard to people on your property. Not only can this cause harm to loved ones, but you can be liable for any injuries it causes your neighbors or strangers. The stumps can also damage equipment when you are mowing your lawn.

    • How We can Help

      Evergreen has professionals with suitable equipment for any stump removal tasks that needs to be carried out on your yard. Our lines are open 24/7. Call our professionals to have that stump removed today.