• Tree Pruning

    • There are three main reasons to prune your trees: safety, health and aesthetics. Whatever your need are, Evergreen can provide you with a free estimate* for tree and shrub care. Our estimator will walk through your property and generate a bid proposal of the work to be done. For each plant, or group of plants of the same species, the bid will specify the location, the work to be performed, and the cost.

    • Terminology used in the bids:

      • Crown cleaning - removal of dead wood, water sprouts, crossing or competing branches.
      • Crown reduction - lowering of the height of a plant by pruning taller branches back to a lateral branch.
      • Crown thinning - lightening of the canopy by removal of small branches.
      • Canopy raising - removal of plant material growing below a certain height

      *For some large commercial properties (i.e. apartment or condominium complexes) a fee may be charged, but will be refunded if work is contracted.