• Tree Removals

    • Evergreen Arborists are committed to taking care of trees and restoring their health and beauty. However, there are circumstances that will require trees to be removed or trimmed. The may be close to power lines which can cause power interruptions or a fire hazard for you and your neighbors.

      Sometimes trees are infested with pests or disease. The damage may be to the extent that it cannot be salvaged. You may therefore need to cut it down to avoid damaging your property, your neighbor’s property or injuring people within its vicinity.

    • What Can We Do?

      If you suspect that any of the trees on your yard are a danger to people and property in its vicinity, it is best to call Evergreen Arborists as soon as possible. Our certified professionals will carry out an assessment to determine if the tree can be salvaged or whether it will need to be cut down.

      Tree removal can be a dangerous task and therefore needs to be done by an experienced crew. Our crew will determine the best technique to bring it down. We have the experience, expertise and equipment to ensure that the tree will not damage people and property that may be in the vicinity of your yard.